Saturday, August 05, 2006

Mike Musgrave, Chairman of Livingstone WECSZ...

The blog doesn't give a complete picture of what is going on the
ground. There is a lot of concern which ranges from the hysterical to the
legitimate. I think the main concern comes from the possibility of the
excess lions going into canned hunting operations. I know Andy
Connolly said that would not happen but he has no control over lions
once he sells them. Personally I think canned lion hunting could be done
ethically and take the pressure off wild lion populations, but because it has been
done so badly in South Africa (shooting lions in small enclosures,
drugging lions etc etc), one can simply never justify it. All the
major hunting organisations (SCI being the biggest) have now comeout
strongly against this form of hunting. The major exceptions are bird
shoots which often use bred birds. My concern is that Zambia becomes
known as a canned lion hunting destination and this concern is shared
by the Professional Hunters Association.