Saturday, March 17, 2007

Survey of Zambian lions

ZAWA has contracted ICS (International Conservation Services) to give an overview of the status of lion countrywide, with particular reference to population distribution, hunting quotas and trophy quality. The findings are to serve as a basis for Zambia’s response at the next CITES meeting (Kenya has made a proposal to list lion under Appendix I). We have ridiculously little time in which to complete the study, and so must rely to an overwhelming extent on existing data as well as on interviews with PHs and safari operators.

Dr Attwell of ICS is currently in Zambia where he is interviewing stakeholders and reviewing reports. However, as time is limited (the report is due next month), it will be impossible to contact all those who may wish to contribute directly. This email serves as a questionnaire in an attempt to capture data and opinions from those who cannot be interviewed directly.

Please ignore this if you have already been interviewed personally unless you have additional material to submit.

It is not expected that all parts be completed - please respond to those sections related to your expertise or experience. Please feel free to submit any material not specifically addressed by the questions below.

Kindly forward this to anybody you feel may have some contribution to make.

If you wish to arrange a personal interview, please use the cell # at the end of the form.


(in responding to questions, please use italics or a different font)

Address (email)

In stated areas you are familiar with, how many lions do you estimate to be present?

Do you have any data on pride sizes and structure?

Have lion populations increased/decreased, and why?

Have you noticed any changes in pride composition (sex and age structure)?
If so, how do you account for this?

What are the principal prey species of lion in the areas with which you are familiar, and what is the status of those prey species? (over the last 10 years, have numbers increased, decreased, or remained stable?)

How many lions are killed each year in your region, and by what means?

What problems do you have with the present quota system for lion, and how should they be addressed? (e.g. how should hunting quotas be set?)

What % do you consider to be a sustainable offtake for a lion population?

What is an acceptable age to hunt male lion?

How do you determine the ages of male lions in the field?

How do you think age restrictions on hunting lion could be enforced?

Has trophy size (for a stated area) improved, declined or remained stable in recent years?

On what do you base the above trends?

If you think trophy monitoring could be improved, please state how:

Do operators comply with the law regarding lion hunting?

Were lion to be listed on Appendix I of CITES, how would that affect the wildlife industry in Zambia?

What is the contribution of safari hunting operations to conservation in GMAs?

Do you have any ideas on an overall management strategy for lion in Zambia?

What measures could be taken to minimize friction between photographic and hunting safaris?

Do you have data on poisoning of lion? Expand

Is the bushmeat trade impacting on prey populations to the extent that it is affecting the distribution of lion?

Are you aware of any reports on lion in Zambia that might be useful?



Please send emails to:


Zambian cell: 097200290

International Conservation Services (ICS)