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ZAWA Consultancy ToR On The Status of Lion in Zambia

ZAMBIA WILDLIFE AUTHORITY Terms of Reference for Consultancy to Review and Provide an Update on the Status of the African Lion in Zambia

Directorate of Research, Planning and Information
July 2006


At the 13th Meeting of the Conference of Parties (COP), the government of the republic of Kenya withdrew her proposal to transfer the African Lion to Appendix I of CITES following the concerns raised by SADC countries and the subsequent proposal to hold consultative workshops. The workshops would examine the status of the African lion in different regions and countries.

1.1 Uplifting of lion to Appendix I of CITES as proposed by Kenya would subject the species to the stringent provisions of Article III of the Convention text of CITES, which delimits commercial exploitation of the species. Despite the inadequate information regarding the lion population estimates in the country, Zambia feels that the species does not qualify for an instantaneous uplifting to Appendix I. Unjustified uplifting of lion to Appendix I would have serious ramifications on the Safari Hunting industry in Zambia. This is because, lion is an important component in the classical Safari and its removal would distort the classical package/bag. This would present serious challenges and present areas of potential litigation by Safari companies with valid Concession Agreements and would eventually lead to loss of revenue to ZAWA and the local communities which would also work against Government’s policy of reducing poverty in line with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).


In view of the foregoing, Zambia as a range state is required to collect reliable and systematic data on the status of lion in the country. This data would be used in the implementation of an effective and efficient conservation of species countrywide and to justify the lion’s retention in Appendix II at COP 14 or other subsequent Cops.

Following the above, ZAWA needs to update information on the status of African Lion across its entire range in the country.


The objective of the assignment is to review and provide an update on the status of the African Lion in the country.


The consultant will undertake, among others to do the following in order to carry out this task: -

4.1 Review literature on African lion population and distribution in Zambia.
4.2 Conduct interviews with stakeholders (Professional hunters, Safari Operators, Community Resource Board Members, NGOs, ZAWA staff and others with information on lion).
4.3 Review records on lion trophy size measurements from all Safari hunting Companies and Hunting Blocks, and ZAWA licensing for more than five (5) years of hunting activities.
4.4 Review lion quotas for more than five (5) years.
4.5 Review records on human-lion conflicts for more than five (5) years.
4.6 Collect and review ZAWA lion data forms, which have been distributed to all Protected Areas with Lion.
4.7 Prepare comprehensive and consolidated report on the status of the African Lion in Zambia.
4.8 Prepare operational arrangements for implementation in National Parks, Game Management Areas and Open Areas where human-lion conflicts occur.
4.9 Recommend short, medium and long-term monitoring strategies.


5.1 The consultant shall produce a comprehensive and consolidated report with distribution maps, numbers and trophy measurements to show trends for a period exceeding five (5) years.
5.2 Produce and make available ten (10) hard copies and five (5) electronic copies on CD.


6.1 Field visits to lion range areas, to obtain on the ground information.
6.2 Field consultations with members of the local community in areas with documented human-lion conflicts.
6.3 Collaborate with other lion researchers in Zambia and the Sub Region currently involved in lion research.
6.4 Review CITES Annual reports and licensing records at ZAWA, and lion trophy measurements with Safari Operators.


7.1 The expected duration of the assignment is two professional months.
7.2 The first draft report should be ready by mid of the second month.
7.3 The final report should be submitted to the office of the Director General
by he last day of the second month or earlier.


8.1 The study will be entrusted to a principal consultant who shall be a holder of a Postgraduate degree in Zoology, Wildlife Management/Ecology, Conservation Biology or closely related field and must have not less than five (5) years experience and must demonstrate familiarity of the consultancy by way of having successfully worked on similar assignments in the recent past.
8.2 The Principal Consultant shall be assisted by one or two assistants who should be holders of a Graduate degree or three years diploma from a recognized University or College in the field similar to the Principal Consultant.


9.1 To ensure that the Consultancy proceeds in accordance with the Terms of Reference herein specified.
9.2 Responsible for quality control so as to ensure that the final report is of the best quality possible and acceptable to the client